Before Interview
1) What qualifications should I have if I want to be a teacher with WeTalk English?
As we provide high-level services for our students you must have the following:
1.Native English Speaker
2.Bachelor’s degree or above is preferred, you are also welcome to apply if you are college students
3.A fast internet connection, audio/video capability, and a quiet and clean space.
4.A passion for education
5.Willingness to receive professional training.
6.Having experience as an English tutor, teacher, or having a TESOL degree/certificate is ideal but we're open to all qualified candidates.
2) What will I teach?
You will teach English lessons to Chinese students between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.
3) How will you arrange my teaching time if I have a full-time job?
Your work schedule is tailored to your availability, usually on weeknights and weekends (Beijing Time)
4) What equipment do I need?
See Tech Reqs for a detailed list.
5) Who is WeTalk?
WeTalk English is an institution based in Shanghai, China. We provide online English education services. Education is our passion and technology is our tool. Come and join us to make a difference.
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